OER event at PC, Nov. 1st

Next Tuesday Nov. 1st I’m helping to facilitate a session on open educational resources for the Center for Teaching Excellence here at Providence College. I’ll be talking about my experience adopting an open textbook this semester and some of the evidence from the economics literature on open ed and open access infrastructure. Here’s a teaser: across my sections of Principles of Microeconomics this semester I have 81 students. Assigning an open textbook instead of the industry standard will save my students a total of almost $30,000! That seems like a good deal to me!

My colleagues Andria Tieman and Hailie Posey will be talking about what OER means and how to find and adopt resources. They are the ones who actually know a lot about this stuff! The CTE announcement is below. If you’re around, consider joining us!

Rising Textbook Costs: Meeting the Challenge

Tuesday, November 1, 2016
11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Center for Teaching Excellence, Feinstein 304


James Campbell, Assistant Professor of Economics
Andria Tieman, Commons Librarian for Digital Research & Education
Hailie Posey, Commons Librarian and Coordinator of Digital Publishing Services

Are you seeking alternatives to high-cost textbooks for your students?  Do you want to know more about locating and integrating open resources into your teaching?  Join us for an introduction to Open Educational Resources.

Representatives from the library will cover the basics of OER, share information about how to locate and use open resources, and discuss open licensing.  James Campbell, Assistant Professor of Economics, will share his experiences teaching with an open textbook, as well as his research on the economics of open access. (You can see Jim’s work here).   Please RSVP here.

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