Some places I like to eat. For more, see my food site!


  • north
    • My favorite restaurant. When I lived in Providence I ate here all the time and it is always a treat.
  • Big King
    • Run, don’t walk.
  • Broadway Bistro
    • Everything here looks good on the menu and then tastes better than that.
  • The Red Fez
    • Best mac and cheese in town if you ask me. [Update: RIP to the Fez, gone but not forgotten!]
  • Ran Zan
    • Japanese comfort food on Hope.
  • Sun and Moon
    • OK, East Providence. Super satisfying Korean food.


  • Parish Cafe (Boylston)
    • Total comfort food whenever I have to go up to Boston.


  • Mr Taka Ramen
    • My favorite bowls in the U.S. so far.
  • Two Boots
    • Nice pizza in the East Village.
  • Noda
    • My favorite sushi in New York.

San Francisco

  • La Taqueria
    • It’s a classic for a reason.
  • Ike’s Sandwiches
    • Get the Matt Cain or the Jaymee Sirewich.
  • OzaOza
    • Lovely kaiseki and hospitality. [Update: we’ll miss you, OzaOza!]
  • Sasaki
    • My favorite sushi in San Francisco.



  • Okkon
    • Addictive okonomiyaki.
  • Magnolia Mini Mart
    • Setting the standard for bodegas in the Bay. Bake Sum, Tarts de Feybesse, Roost & Craft… there’s always something here you want to eat.
  • Teni East
    • The pea shoot salad is off the charts.

San Mateo



  • C.O.D.
    • Chili dogs and booze near Gaienmae.
  • Marugo
    • Akihabara. My favorite tonkatsu.
  • Hashiguchi
    • My favorite sushi in Tokyo.


  • Vækst
    • Like eating inside a greenhouse, in a good way!


  • La Condesa
    • My favorite meal in Paris, and a top vibe.