General interest

Academic journal articles (my Google Scholar page)

Academic working papers

  • Inefficiencies in the market for ownership of ideas (with April M. Franco, working paper, draft 10/9/2017)
    •  Forces of cannibalization, product market competition, and fit costs generate inefficient outcomes in the market for ideas, even without contracting frictions or asymmetric information. Some ideas are inefficiently acquired and killed by incumbent firms; some are inefficiently developed by incumbent firms rather than spin-outs or start-ups.
  • Skepticism and credulity: a model and applications to political spin, belief formation, and decision weights (working paper, draft 6/15/20)
    • A decision maker forms beliefs and opinions using a dialectic heuristic that depends on their degree of skepticism or credulity. Excessive credulity makes the model consistent with known anomalies in belief formation and probability assessment, and with characteristics of the nature of political spin. [Updates and replaces “A Dialectic Model of Belief Formation” from 2018]
  • Eccentric experts (working paper coming soon)
    • Experts who try to identify superior products may have eccentric tastes or fallibility that causes mistakes. Eccentricity, though, can be welfare enhancing by encouraging experimentation among producers.
  • Takes
    • Senders choose whether to produce “scoops” or “takes”—costly original content, or costless commentary on previous scoops. The sender has incentive to invest in take-generating technology but not scoop-generating technology, and when there are multiple senders, there are inefficiently many takes relative to scoops.

A few things I’m currently working on: valuing social network data, literary readings of intermediate microeconomics models, learning and assimilation in organizations, competitive public relations, and an angel/devil on your shoulders model of decision-making. Feel free to drop me a line if you’d like to talk about these, or any other topics you think I might be interested in.