everything & everything & everything – Alberto Roldán

I saw this short film at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2014, and I just found out it’s available to watch on YouTube as part of the Vice Shorts series. It’s by Alberto Roldán, and stars Shane Carruth, the filmmaker behind Primer and Upstream Color.

Here’s a plot summary by an anonymous contributor at IMDb:

The oppressively vapid life of Morgan is forever transformed when a mystical blue pyramid – that inexplicably produces doorknobs – appears in his apartment. What follows is a tale of greed and loss as Morgan builds an impossible, absurd corporate empire of doorknobs.

… uh huh.

It has the same disorienting, abstract qualities of those Carruth films, with an added absurdist streak. Among other things it is about manufacturing, automation, consumer culture, profits, and dreams. If you’re a Carruth fan or up for something a bit offbeat, I think is worth your 15 minutes.