Economics journal turnaround times

Economics journal turnaround stats, based on recently available data. Link in journal title goes to source for the stats; no link means I couldn’t find any information. This page is very much a work in progress. Comments, suggestions, corrections welcome—email me!

Journal Accept rate Desk reject rate Time to 1st decision Mean submission to acceptance Mean acceptance to publication
American Economic Review 7% 46% Median <2 months 99 weeks 28 weeks
Economic Journal 6% 51% 90% within 4 months
Review of Economic Studies Mean 51 days
Econometrica 6% 34% 82% within 4 months 27 months 6 months
Review of Economics and Statistics 82% within 4 months
RAND Journal of Economics
Journal of Economics & Management Strategy
Journal of Financial Economics 10% Median 28 days
Quarterly Journal of Economics
Theoretical Economics Median 50.5 days